Friday, February 5, 2010

My First Year Progress with Ehow.

Wow, how time flies. I have been with Ehow for one year now. It is a big milestone. I did not write much when I began, only about 10 articles until August, but it is still a big deal. I have learned a lot in the past year, and have really enjoyed the experience. I am hoping my next year will be an even better experience with Ehow.

What happened in one year with Ehow:

February-Actually did not do anything on Ehow.

Between March and July I wrote a total of 13 articles, and my earnings were about $28. I noticed one day that I was making a little money on the site from something that I had already done, so I decided to put more focus into Ehow.

In August I wrote 28 more articles, and began to love the site. I earned almost $22 for the month of August, and got even more interested.

September was the first month that I wrote a lot, 69 articles. It took a little time to get the articles at first, then they began to come naturally. I earned more than $60 in September.

I worked a little harder in October and pushed out 73 articles, and I earned more than $65.

November was the biggest month for me since I began writing on Ehow. I wrote a total of 100 articles, and earned more than $125. I was so excited with my progress, and was ready to keep working hard.

December was a busy month for me in my everyday life, so I slowed down a bit. I wrote 34 articles, and made a little more than $70. December is also the month that the UK problem came to surface, so I am thinking that it had something to do with the big decrease in earnings.

January was another slow month I wrote 63 articles and earned a little more than $60. This was a disappointing month for me, but I still love Ehow. With the UK problem fixed, I plan on seeing my earnings increase again.

In my first year with Ehow I have a total of 381 articles published, some were deleted during the sweep, and have earned more than $400. I have not earned that much on any other site I write for, and feel that my earnings will be increasing quite a bit during my second year with Ehow.

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  1. I wish you the best of luck on your goals with eHow. My earnings dropped in half as well when the UK fiasco started, and I am sorry yours did too. I hope they can resolve the issue soon, as it seemed to be a good place to earn residual income. Have you checked out Suite 101 as another passive income writing site? I am having a lot of success there.