Monday, November 30, 2009

Earnings Update For Nov. 22-28

I am just going to be brief with this update. Tomorrow I will have my final earnings for the month, and can give a detailed update to all of you.

Articles: 15
Earnings: 23.00

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Show Your EHOW Support.

I have been a member on EHOW for a few months now, and love the community. I have learned that the more support I show around the community, the more I earn in that day. I do make it a point to request a friend or two a day, and read and rate a couple of there articles. I also read the articles of people that have left comments for me. This is not only about the earnings, because you do not necessarily earn more for receiving comments and ratings. I feel that I am showing support to the community. I never leave comments on articles I feel are unworthy, I do actually read the articles first.

The one thing I do not do is ask people to read my articles, this is against the EHOW policy. Basically any form of SPAM is against there policy. You do not want to have your account suspended because of this. You can get support without spamming.

This is what I do:

Support people that read my articles.
Read others articles, and show my support
Post links on my profile that I want to promote

Never Do The Following(you can be suspended for them):

Send mass emails promoting anything
Ask other members to read your articles
Ask people to click on ads
Click on other members ad, unless it is something you are genuinely wanting to learn about.

I hope this information can help you. It is something I have learned through my experience. I want to endure people supports the community, without getting in any trouble.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Blog Update

I have been updating on a daily basis, but it doesn't work very well. From now on I will be updating my earnings report on Mondays. I want everyone to know how my earnings are, but I think once a week is more convenient for everyone.

I will also do a monthly update for everything; my earnings, articles, and anything extra that I do to help my earnings.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you all have a great day, and get to eat a lot of food.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Upsides Of Ehow

Even though I do enjoy having the money I earn from EHOW, there are other good aspects. The people on the site are great. I have learned a lot from the forums, and they are also very supportive. I do not think I would have kept using the site if it was not for the inspiration I received from the community.

I learn a lot from the site. When I go around and read peoples articles I learn many different things. You can learn different recipes, financial advice, organizational tips, and many other things. It is fun to learn the different things.

Then the pay is great too. I earn more on average than any other site. Don't get me wrong, I do earn money on other sites, but it does not average out to ehow's earnings.

Ehow Earnings For Nov. 21-22

I missed a couple of days on here so I wanted to give everyone a complete update for the 21st and the 22nd.


I am over $100 for the month, which is so great. I have not been working on the site as much as I should be, so $100 is great. I still have one week to reach my goal of $150, so my daily earnings need to be $7 a day. How the earnings have been in the last few days I do not know. But I love the site.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Ehow Earnings For November 21, 2009

The earnings were pretty good today.

Articles Written-1


Even though I have had a few day that I did not have high earnings, my daily average is still $5. I still have a little over a week to reach my goal of $150. I may reach it, but if I do not I am hoping to be close. I have heard that it takes about 3 months for your article to begin earning its full potential. About 240 of my articles have been published for less than 3 months, so I am very hopeful.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Earnings For November 19, 2009

Well it was another low earnings day, but the month is doing well. I almost have $100 for the month. The good thing about writing for the site is that I will continue to earn from my published articles. I could never write another article, and still earn about $100 a month. Even though that is so, I will still keep working. It is easy, and can be profitable.

Articles Published: 1
Earnings: $3

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Earnings For November 18, 2009

I was a little disappointed with my earnings today, but every little bid does count. It also take a little while for some of the articles to begin to earn.

Articles Written-11

I am excited that I have one article that was published o10/29/09 that has made over $20. There are a couple of other articles that have made the $15 mark, but it has taken almost a month to attain those earnings.

Even with the low earnings today, I am still happy with what I am doing on the site. I am putting some work and time into the earnings, but I do it from home.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A little About Me.

Since I am sharing my Ehow venture with you, I decided I would share a little about myself.

I am currently trying to discover ways to earn money from home. I am 29 and married. I currently do not have any children. I was actually hurt at work a couple of months ago, and I am having numerous problems with that. I cannot go back to work, and have no income coming in, so I turned to the internet.

I had no previous writing experience, other than a few things in school. I write about things that I know, or do a little research about other things. Writing is something I have been enjoying doing, and have been earning money with it.

If I have calculated correct, I should be making about $1000 a month by January of 2010. I know it does not sound like much to some people, but it is about what I was making at my part time job. It may take one or two extra months, depending on different variables. I am happy with my progress.

If you are looking for work from home, I would suggest trying to write. There are numerous different sites, and most can be profitable if you put time into it.

Writing for ehow has been my most profitable individual site. Sign up for them, write a few articles, and earn money. The people are great, and very helpful.

If you ever need any advice please let me know. I would also consider purchasing an ebook that writergig wrote. She is one of the highest earners on the site. I have a link to the book on the left of the screen.

Ehow Earnings For November 17, 2009

Articles written-0

I have noticed that if you are not active on the site your earnings may go down a little bit. Some people do not think so, but in my recent tracking it been true.

I did not go onto the site at all yesterday, so I feel that hurt my earnings. Even though it did, I made $3.40 without doing anything.

Even though my earnings are not great, I feel accomplished. When I began writing for Ehow, I did not expect much. I honestly believe that the site has great potential. If I continue to work hard my earnings will continue to grow.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Earnings For November 16, 2009

It was decent today, but I was hoping for more.

Articles written-1

I was at a wall with my writing so I did not get much written.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Earnings For November 15, 2009

Ehow updates there earnings every day(usually). This update if for the earnings for the previous day. Whenever I get an update of my earnings I will post it on here for everyone to read.

Articles Written-3
Daily earnings-$6.33

This month I have been averaging $5-$8 a day. I did have one day that was only $2. Last month I only averaged about $3 a day, so it is a great increase.

The beginging of my Ehow experience.

I found ehow through a search engine. When I went to read an article I noticed that they paid for people to write fairly simple articles. I decided to try it. I wrote 4 articles in March of 2009 and 1 more in April. I didn't write anything else until I found out I had made money. That made me put a lot more into it. In July I wrote 4 more articles. I earned a total of $28 by the end of July.

I know $28 hours does not sound like much, but I only had 9 articles. I also only put in about 10 minutes into each article. I was surprised about what I may be able to do. I began reading other peoples experiences and learned that there were people earning over $1000 a month, that got me going.

My progress since then:

August: Articles-28 Earnings-$21
September:Articles-69(most at the end of the month) Earnings-$61
October: Articles-73 Earnings-$68

So far for September I have written 54 articles and my earnings are at $72. If I continue on my earning track for the month I will make about $150 this month, and it will only increase. Even if I stop writing, I would still be making money off of those articles.

I currently have 240 articles published, and have made about $250 from the site.

I figured out that I am making $10 per 1000 views of my articles, which is well above any other site I write for. If I would have focused more in the beginning I would be making my goal income.

In this blog I will share my daily progression with the site, I will also tell you my earnings on a regular basis.

If you would like to ask any question do not hesitate to ask.

First Post

Hi everyone. I want to welcome everyone to my personal blog. I am going to be keeping everyone up to date on my earnings and experiences at ehow. Ehow is a site that you can write how to articles and earn money. I have been a member of the site for a few months now and I feel I am doing pretty well. I will be posting later today with my earnings and my experience on the site.

In the mean time, please read some of my articles.