Sunday, November 29, 2009

Show Your EHOW Support.

I have been a member on EHOW for a few months now, and love the community. I have learned that the more support I show around the community, the more I earn in that day. I do make it a point to request a friend or two a day, and read and rate a couple of there articles. I also read the articles of people that have left comments for me. This is not only about the earnings, because you do not necessarily earn more for receiving comments and ratings. I feel that I am showing support to the community. I never leave comments on articles I feel are unworthy, I do actually read the articles first.

The one thing I do not do is ask people to read my articles, this is against the EHOW policy. Basically any form of SPAM is against there policy. You do not want to have your account suspended because of this. You can get support without spamming.

This is what I do:

Support people that read my articles.
Read others articles, and show my support
Post links on my profile that I want to promote

Never Do The Following(you can be suspended for them):

Send mass emails promoting anything
Ask other members to read your articles
Ask people to click on ads
Click on other members ad, unless it is something you are genuinely wanting to learn about.

I hope this information can help you. It is something I have learned through my experience. I want to endure people supports the community, without getting in any trouble.

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