Monday, November 16, 2009

The beginging of my Ehow experience.

I found ehow through a search engine. When I went to read an article I noticed that they paid for people to write fairly simple articles. I decided to try it. I wrote 4 articles in March of 2009 and 1 more in April. I didn't write anything else until I found out I had made money. That made me put a lot more into it. In July I wrote 4 more articles. I earned a total of $28 by the end of July.

I know $28 hours does not sound like much, but I only had 9 articles. I also only put in about 10 minutes into each article. I was surprised about what I may be able to do. I began reading other peoples experiences and learned that there were people earning over $1000 a month, that got me going.

My progress since then:

August: Articles-28 Earnings-$21
September:Articles-69(most at the end of the month) Earnings-$61
October: Articles-73 Earnings-$68

So far for September I have written 54 articles and my earnings are at $72. If I continue on my earning track for the month I will make about $150 this month, and it will only increase. Even if I stop writing, I would still be making money off of those articles.

I currently have 240 articles published, and have made about $250 from the site.

I figured out that I am making $10 per 1000 views of my articles, which is well above any other site I write for. If I would have focused more in the beginning I would be making my goal income.

In this blog I will share my daily progression with the site, I will also tell you my earnings on a regular basis.

If you would like to ask any question do not hesitate to ask.

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