Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A little About Me.

Since I am sharing my Ehow venture with you, I decided I would share a little about myself.

I am currently trying to discover ways to earn money from home. I am 29 and married. I currently do not have any children. I was actually hurt at work a couple of months ago, and I am having numerous problems with that. I cannot go back to work, and have no income coming in, so I turned to the internet.

I had no previous writing experience, other than a few things in school. I write about things that I know, or do a little research about other things. Writing is something I have been enjoying doing, and have been earning money with it.

If I have calculated correct, I should be making about $1000 a month by January of 2010. I know it does not sound like much to some people, but it is about what I was making at my part time job. It may take one or two extra months, depending on different variables. I am happy with my progress.

If you are looking for work from home, I would suggest trying to write. There are numerous different sites, and most can be profitable if you put time into it.

Writing for ehow has been my most profitable individual site. Sign up for them, write a few articles, and earn money. The people are great, and very helpful.

If you ever need any advice please let me know. I would also consider purchasing an ebook that writergig wrote. She is one of the highest earners on the site. I have a link to the book on the left of the screen.

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