Saturday, February 27, 2010

Ehow Earning Doing Well This Week

My Ehow earnings are doing fairly well this week. I will be giving an update on the 1st, but I wanted to share my feelings. I do feel that this is a good sign for Ehow. Most of us writers are trying to make a home income, and Ehow is a big source for some of us. There are still two days left for the month, and I have two more dollars for the week than last month. I know it does not sound like a dramatic increase, but I am happy. I will also have a small increase for the month.

For those trying to earn money from home using Ehow:

Keep working hard, there has been improvements to the site. I know that there has been a lot of difficulties as well, but it seems that Ehow is working on everything.

I hope that the increases continue to happen, and we all reach our income goals.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ehow Weekly Earning Update 2/23/10

This has been a good week for Ehow. Since they fixed there publishing tool, I have actually been writing. I have not written as much as I did before the publishing issue came up, but I have been writing. My earnings have increased a small amount compared to this time last month, and any earning increase is good.

Ehow Articles Written-24
Ehow Earnings-$17

My daily Ehow earnings has been increasing at a very slow pace, but they have improved. I am hoping that they will get back to what they were before the UK issue. I was earning $5-$8 a day, and they were increasing.

Ehow Goals For Next Week:

I will write a few articles for the week, my goal is 20. I feel this is a good beginning to returning to publishing. I am wanting my earnings to stay over $3 a day, and more hopefully.

I have continued to promote my articles in various ways, and went back to tweak some of the articles as well. Since doing this I have began to earn on some articles that have not earned before. I will look through my articles this week to see if I can continue that progress throughout my Ehow library.

Friday, February 19, 2010

400 Ehow Articles

My goal for the month of February was to make it to 400 articles on Ehow, well I have made it. I published my 400th Ehow article yesterday, and I am so happy about this big milestone. I am so glad that Ehow has there publishing tool fixed. I think I am getting my momentum back, and want to begin writing more articles in the next week. After writing 400 articles I want to take a break on the writing, and focus on other points in the earning process.

Here is an article I wrote when I hit the 300 mark. I wrote this article 12/26/2009. I would have reached the 400 mark sooner if they did not have so many publishing problems. Since they are fixed I am hoping to reach the 500 Ehow article mark by April 1st 2010.

How to write 300 Ehow Articles

Ehow Blog

Ehow has been updating there blog more often than I have noticed before. They are promoting some popular articles, and showing some helpful information. I do wish they would be more consistent with the updates pertaining to the site problems, but you can find most of that on the forums. Ehow usually lets the community know that they are working on the issues when they come up in the forum.

If you are a member of Ehow I recommend following the Blog. You never know when they may post information that we need, or find helpful.


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

EHOW Publishing

Well I did receive emails from Ehow today, and my articles are being published again. I am so pleased that it is working again. With the articles that was already written and the ones that I have on paper, I should reach my 400 article goal. I plan on reaching the 400 Ehow article goal today or tomorrow.

With the publishing tool working, maybe they have repaired most of the bugs on the site. I am hoping that this will begin to reflect on the earnings as well, we will see.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Weekly Earning Update 2/15/10

This is my weekly update for Ehow. It has been an OK week for earnings, but there are other issues on Ehow. I have written articles to publish, but the articles that I have submitted are not getting published. I am sure this will have an effect on the earnings. I have 10 articles pending and 15 articles waiting to put on Ehow. I am going to stop publishing until they get the articles to publish.

My earnings have increased by $2 from what I was at last month at this time. I will accept any form of increase.

Earnings $16+

While the publishing tools are down I am going through my articles to make sure they are being ranked in Google, and trying to build the backlinks. I am not going to give up on Ehow. I have seen how much I can make, and feel it will get back to that amount in the future.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Increase Your Earnings After The UK Problem

The UK problem has reduced our earning by quite a bit, but the issue is being fixed by Ehow. Now we have to worry about how are articles are ranking, and find ways to get our earning back to what the were before the problem happened.

I decided to go through my articles the other day, and found that a lot of them do not come up on the search engines. I think it may have had something to do with us having duplicates of our articles, Google tends to look down on that.

What I began to do:

  • Go through your articles and see if they are on Google. You can do this by copying a portion of your article, and put it in Google's search engine. Your article should come up if it is ranked.
  • Submit my article links on Submitexpress again.
  • Update your articles a small amount to get the search engines to notice the article again.
These are just a few things that I did, and it may help you as well. I have almost 400 articles, and it is time consuming, but if the article is not listed you will not get traffic. You need the traffic to get earnings from your articles.

The best way for us to increase our earnings it to avoid conflict about the situation, and finding ways to help our earnings again. It may take some time, but it will be worth it.

Ehow Compensates For The UK Issue.

Well I am sure you have heard about the UK issue that Ehow has been having. They had promised a generous compensation for the problem. When I received my payment today, the compensation was included. The compensation was less than $8. I am disappointed with this amount. I know I lost well over $100 from the ordeal. Even though I was disappointed, I appreciate the compensation. Ehow could have simply just explained what happened, and left it at that.

There are a lot of people upset about the amount the received, but I am sure there was a lot that was considered when Ehow gave out the bonus'. I would say that these would be big factors; amount of articles, average monthly pay, and the amount of time you have been on the site. I have noticed people that are very upset about there compensation, but only began writing for Ehow in December. Ehow really does not have any average to go on, and neither does a member that began towards the end of '09.

I am happy that Ehow compensated something. They could have easily fixed the UK problem, and not gave us anything for our loss. I am not happy about the situation, but Ehow is still my best earning writing site.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ehow Tax Article I thought Would Be Helpful

I know it is tax time, and found a great article that may help you. It was written by Janet Ford, one of the Ehow greats. I think the article can help with your Ehow taxes as well as any other online income you make.

How to Discover Tax Deductions for Your eHow Income

If you've been taking your ehow article writing seriously, and well you should, you may find yourself pleasantly surprised by the income listed on your 1099 form ehow will send you this tax season. You are responsible for paying taxes on that money as ehow does not hold back taxes since you are a freelancer, not an employee. A great way to offset that is by listing tax deductions applicable to your ehow article writing.

Read The Entire Article HERE!

Ehow Weekly Earning Update 2/08/10

This weeks Ehow earnings have fared better than the first week of January, but they are still not where they were before. My husband and I have both been sick this week, so I have not worked on the site as much as I had planned. I have went through and worked on some of my older articles, and they have began to earn again. I guess I will be trying to go through all of my articles this week to see how well they are doing on search engines, and seeing if they have been stolen. (I did find a few that have been stolen during my updating)

Ehow Articles Written-6

Ehow Earnings-$15

Plans for the week:

  • Continue to go through my articles to promote, update, and check for plagiarizing.
  • Write 20 or more articles

Friday, February 5, 2010

My First Year Progress with Ehow.

Wow, how time flies. I have been with Ehow for one year now. It is a big milestone. I did not write much when I began, only about 10 articles until August, but it is still a big deal. I have learned a lot in the past year, and have really enjoyed the experience. I am hoping my next year will be an even better experience with Ehow.

What happened in one year with Ehow:

February-Actually did not do anything on Ehow.

Between March and July I wrote a total of 13 articles, and my earnings were about $28. I noticed one day that I was making a little money on the site from something that I had already done, so I decided to put more focus into Ehow.

In August I wrote 28 more articles, and began to love the site. I earned almost $22 for the month of August, and got even more interested.

September was the first month that I wrote a lot, 69 articles. It took a little time to get the articles at first, then they began to come naturally. I earned more than $60 in September.

I worked a little harder in October and pushed out 73 articles, and I earned more than $65.

November was the biggest month for me since I began writing on Ehow. I wrote a total of 100 articles, and earned more than $125. I was so excited with my progress, and was ready to keep working hard.

December was a busy month for me in my everyday life, so I slowed down a bit. I wrote 34 articles, and made a little more than $70. December is also the month that the UK problem came to surface, so I am thinking that it had something to do with the big decrease in earnings.

January was another slow month I wrote 63 articles and earned a little more than $60. This was a disappointing month for me, but I still love Ehow. With the UK problem fixed, I plan on seeing my earnings increase again.

In my first year with Ehow I have a total of 381 articles published, some were deleted during the sweep, and have earned more than $400. I have not earned that much on any other site I write for, and feel that my earnings will be increasing quite a bit during my second year with Ehow.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

February Ehow Off To A Decent Start

December and January was not very good months for Ehow. My earnings went from $5-$8 a day to less than a dollar on most days. I still enjoying the fact that I was earning money, but wanted to get my earnings back on track. Since the UK problem has been fixed I have noticed a gradual increase. For the first two days of February I have averaged more than $2 a each day. It still is not $5-$8 a day, but it is an increase.

I have not last my faith in Ehow. I write for other sites, and do not earn as much on those sites. Ehow is still the top site that I write for.

I am hoping that February will be a great month for me, and for all of the other Ehow writers.

Monday, February 1, 2010

January Ehow Earnings

January has been disappointing on Ehow. The earnings have had a gradual increase in the last few days, but the month was very low. I did not even come out even with last month. Ehow is going to reimburse the writers for the UK problem, so I am hoping it will make up for the big loss this month. I have been feeling discouraged this month, but I still love Ehow. It is the top earning site that I write for. I feel that this fix will help, and earning increases will continue.

Ehow earnings-$65 (Without the reimbursement)
Ehow articles written-63

I did not reach my goals for the month, but it has been a tough month at home and online.

February Ehow Goals:

Write 100 articles
Promote each article on She Told Me and Xomba
Stay focused!!