Friday, February 19, 2010

400 Ehow Articles

My goal for the month of February was to make it to 400 articles on Ehow, well I have made it. I published my 400th Ehow article yesterday, and I am so happy about this big milestone. I am so glad that Ehow has there publishing tool fixed. I think I am getting my momentum back, and want to begin writing more articles in the next week. After writing 400 articles I want to take a break on the writing, and focus on other points in the earning process.

Here is an article I wrote when I hit the 300 mark. I wrote this article 12/26/2009. I would have reached the 400 mark sooner if they did not have so many publishing problems. Since they are fixed I am hoping to reach the 500 Ehow article mark by April 1st 2010.

How to write 300 Ehow Articles

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