Monday, February 1, 2010

January Ehow Earnings

January has been disappointing on Ehow. The earnings have had a gradual increase in the last few days, but the month was very low. I did not even come out even with last month. Ehow is going to reimburse the writers for the UK problem, so I am hoping it will make up for the big loss this month. I have been feeling discouraged this month, but I still love Ehow. It is the top earning site that I write for. I feel that this fix will help, and earning increases will continue.

Ehow earnings-$65 (Without the reimbursement)
Ehow articles written-63

I did not reach my goals for the month, but it has been a tough month at home and online.

February Ehow Goals:

Write 100 articles
Promote each article on She Told Me and Xomba
Stay focused!!

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