Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ehow Weekly Earning Update 2/23/10

This has been a good week for Ehow. Since they fixed there publishing tool, I have actually been writing. I have not written as much as I did before the publishing issue came up, but I have been writing. My earnings have increased a small amount compared to this time last month, and any earning increase is good.

Ehow Articles Written-24
Ehow Earnings-$17

My daily Ehow earnings has been increasing at a very slow pace, but they have improved. I am hoping that they will get back to what they were before the UK issue. I was earning $5-$8 a day, and they were increasing.

Ehow Goals For Next Week:

I will write a few articles for the week, my goal is 20. I feel this is a good beginning to returning to publishing. I am wanting my earnings to stay over $3 a day, and more hopefully.

I have continued to promote my articles in various ways, and went back to tweak some of the articles as well. Since doing this I have began to earn on some articles that have not earned before. I will look through my articles this week to see if I can continue that progress throughout my Ehow library.

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