Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ehow Weekly Earning Update 2/08/10

This weeks Ehow earnings have fared better than the first week of January, but they are still not where they were before. My husband and I have both been sick this week, so I have not worked on the site as much as I had planned. I have went through and worked on some of my older articles, and they have began to earn again. I guess I will be trying to go through all of my articles this week to see how well they are doing on search engines, and seeing if they have been stolen. (I did find a few that have been stolen during my updating)

Ehow Articles Written-6

Ehow Earnings-$15

Plans for the week:

  • Continue to go through my articles to promote, update, and check for plagiarizing.
  • Write 20 or more articles

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