Sunday, December 6, 2009

She Told Me

I have recently heard about a site, It is a site that you can put a scoop about your articles. You put a link to your article, and a brief description about the articles contents. I have put a few of my articles on the site to test it out. I also read that you can earn money from your Google Adsence Account. They put an ad on the scoop page, and you can earn revenue from it.

You can also submit other sites, and different things to You will have to look at the site to see everything they offer, but I think it is interesting. I submitted a link to 10 of my Ehow articles, and it took about 15 minutes to do. That is not very long if it will attract more people to my articles.

I just thought you guys would like to find something extra to promote your articles or websites. If you currently use the site, please share your progress with us.

I published this on both of my blogs to ensure everyone gets to read about the site.

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