Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Promoting is going well.

I have been promoting my article on She Told Me. I had only put about half of my Ehow articles on until today. When I checked my earnings I noticed an increase in earnings on articles that I had put on the site. These articles had not made much in the past, so I was surprised. It was not a huge increase, and my earnings in general was not great. It was just that the articles had not done well before.

It got me a little excited, so I went to work. I worked for a couple of hours getting the remainder of my articles listed. I now have over 400 she told me links, I am actually one of the top 10 publishers on the site.

I did a page rank check on Submit Express to check some of my articles, and discovered that She Told Me is ranked pretty quickly.

I have great hopes for my progress, and hope I can report higher earnings soon.

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