Monday, December 21, 2009

I have returned from vacation

Hi everyone, I am back from vacation, and honestly did not have the best time. I did get to see Atlantis in Nassau, and that was the best experience.

I returned home to earnings that was not very good.

Of course I did not write any article.

I only made $23 for the eight days I was gone. That is only a little more than $2 a day. I also had an update for today, which was only .32. It was very upsetting, but I am expecting a lot more after the Holidays. I do not expect a lot of people being online reading articles during this time of year, especially since I only have a few Holiday articles.

I have only made $54 so far for December, and that is more that 50% less than last month. The plus side is that I have not been very active, so most of the earnings is residual.

After the Holidays are over I am going to focus on my writing and other online earnings more, so I am hoping for a very large increase in January.

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