Tuesday, December 1, 2009

November Earning Update, And Decembers Projections.

November Earnings:

Well I am pleased with my efforts this month. I have increased my earnings by 53%. I have also increased my articles quite well.

Articles Written-94

It is not what I was hoping for, but I a very pleased. I have had a few good days where I earned between $5 and $8, but I have also had a few $2 days. My daily average ended up being $4.22. Last month my average was about $2 a day. The majority of my earnings was from articles that I had previously written, only $30 of my earnings was from November articles. I also had 20 articles deleted in the sweep, one of which was a high earner.

December Projections:

I have learned a lot more about SEO and promoting, so I will be putting more of what I have learned into the articles. I think December is going to do very well. I don't think I will increase my earnings by 54% again this month, but there will be an increase.

Projected Articles Published For December-100
Projected December Earnings-$200 (hopefully more)

I did not focus on EHOW when I first signed up, I only wrote 9 articles before August of '09. Since August I have written 268 articles, and earned $275.

My advice for anyone that writes for EHOW would be to never give up. Keep writing! You will begin to see your earnings increase monthly.