Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ehow has fixed the UK problem.

I read a forum post that is stating that the UK problem at Ehow has been fixed. I want to thank Rich for putting a very descriptive post explaining that it has been fixed, and any links that still exist will go to the US articles.

To read the forum posts click HERE.

I am sure it will take a little while for the earnings to begin increasing again, but I feel they will go back up. There has been numerous people stating that there income is down, so I am not alone. I will continue to share my earnings with you so you can see what the outcome will be.

Good luck to all Ehow members, I wish you all great earnings.

1 comment:

  1. Their fix left me with more questions than the original problem. I hope they answer some of the questions, since they denied that the UK was an issue in the beginning. It only took six months of diverted earnings before they did something.

    Good luck.

    JP, a fellow eHow writer