Monday, January 11, 2010

Earnings begining to increase, Again!

Since the beginning of December my Ehow earnings have been fairly low. I was thinking it may have been because of the holidays, but I have found out that Ehow had been putting a the contributors articles on a UK site. Well, we was not earning from these, and they were actually being ranked higher than our US articles.

Ehow has now informed us that they will be removing those articles during the next few weeks, and all should be removed soon. Click here to see the forum posts about this.

Well I am seeing that this may be the reason for my decrease in earnings. It was not that entirely, but had a hand in the Ehow earnings. Today I did an update on my Ehow earnings tracker and I had earned a little more than $5. This is a great increase since I had only averaged $2 since the beginning of January.

Before December my earnings had began to average $7-$8 a day, and I had less articles. I am hoping Ehow removing those articles will help. Hopefully I will get those $8 days, and more. Since I have been promoting like crazy, I hope it will be more.

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