Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 Ehow Goals

I see a lot coming in the new year, and I wanted to share my earning goals with you all. Since I began August 2009, I realized that I can make money on Ehow. I have read about other peoples great success, and I feel I will have success this year. I am going to focus on my writing for Ehow.

I plan on writing at least 100 articles a month, maybe more. I do want to reach 1400 articles by the end of 2010. This does seem like a difficult goal, but it is only 25 articles a week. I can usually write an article within 30 minutes. It may take an hour if I have a lot of research.

I want to increase my earnings by at least $50 a month. I believe I can make it more, but I do not want to my my goals unachievable and get discouraged. There will probably be months that have higher increases, and that will just be a great bonus.

This is just my beginning goals. I will continue to update my goals monthly.

I hope I can share a success story with you all during the year. I feel there is great income potential from Ehow, and I plan to see it for myself.

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